"All that falls, shall rise again....."

Remember not your fallen comarade in sorrow,
but in celebration of who they were
to you and the world.

Rock In Peace, Johnny Red.


Hair Of The Dog:

Saturday Oct 20th

4:00pm Haysam Azhar & Othmane Zizi

5:00pm Peter Daley

6:00pm Lean Bear

7:00pm Noah Pascoe

8:00pm Murphy's Law

9:00pm Richie Madewell

Linus BBQ:

Saturday Oct 20th

4:00pm Robin Villa

5:00pm MaxMandu

6:00pm John Patrick Starling

7:00pm Tom Daly and LRD

8:00pm Whitney Sol

9:00pm Mia Zepeda

Rabbit Hole Arcade Pub:

Saturday Oct 20th

7pm Doors open until late.......

Drink, Drag , Play show.

Music and performance.

Phillies Upstairs:

Saturday Oct 20th

4:30pm Jonathan Hunt

5:30pm Badoogie

6:30pm Jordan Stewart

7:30pm EARL

8:30pm Just In Time


Saturday Oct 20th

5:00pm Brett Elliott

6:00pm Tim Gilmour

7:00pm Badoogie

8:00pm Highway 9

9:00pm Kenji Onizuka

10:00pm Pounamu


Friday Oct. 19th

9:00pm Lean Bear

10:00pm Seth Mountain

Saturday Oct 20th

4:00pm Question Mark

5:00pm Sebastian Pollet

6:00pm Matthew Grolemund

7:00pm Jeniffer Waescher

8:00pm Jonathan Hunt

9:00pm Tony Hall

Hidden Cellar:

Friday Oct. 19th

9:00pm LRD

10:00pm Tim Gilmour

Saturday Oct 20th

5:00pm Henry Hill & Wes Whelan

6:00pm Ton n Berry

7:00pm Mike McGrath

8:00pm Siyun Kim an Zach Bardon

9:00pm Aircraft of the month

10:00pm Jeni Wai Band

11:00pm 1.5 iterations

Sunday Oct 21st

Open Mic 2.0 at H.C. 7pm to 11pm

Weekly weekend night cap jam.

Bucket Beach:

Saturday Oct 20th

8:00pm TheBurds

9:00pm Green Hill Pickers

10:00pm Christian Whelan

11:00pm Honey Jam Sam

12:00am Hi-Fi Baby!

Pet Sounds:

Friday Oct. 19th

8:00pm Blocs

9:00pm DJ Sejin

Saturday Oct 20th

8:00pm 황영원

10:00pm Greatballs

11:00pm DJ High

Sunday Oct. 21st

8:00pm Cardean

9:00pm DJ Eddie


Camarata Music:

Saturday Oct 20th

7:00pm The Coals

8:00pm Christian Whelan

9:00pm John Patrick Starling & Drowning River

10:00pm Kimchi Cowboys

11:00pm Texas Flood

12:00am DND

1:00am A Collective Effort


Friday Oct. 19th

10:00pm Batu

11:00pm Pentasonic

Saturday Oct 20th

6:30pm Stranded Alien

7:30pm Gory Murgy

8:30pm TRAP

9:30pm Rooftop Stray

10:30pm Rough Cuts

11:30pm Vanmal

12:30am Sotto Gamba

Phillies Basement:

Friday Oct. 19th

10:00pm Hijacked

11:00pm The Beagles feat. Johnny Kim

12:00am Sotto Gamba

Saturday Oct 20th

7:00pm Seoulmates

8:00pm Reasco

9:00pm Cargo Cult

10:00pm Lance Reegan-Diehl Band

11:30pm Cutty

12:30am Alpaca Lips

Boogie Woogie:

Friday Oct. 19th

7시 - 임지민 Quartet

9시 - 남유선 Quartet

11시 - 이삼수 Quartet

Saturday Oct 20th

7시 - New York Nightingale

9시 - 혁밴

11시 - Post Spot

Sunday Oct 21st

7시 정우연 Trio

9시 정수민 Trio


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