"It's just a spring clean for the May Queen...."

Remember not your fallen comarade in sorrow,
but in celebration of who they were
to you and the world.

Rock In Peace, Johnny Red.

May 25th and 26th


Hair Of The Dog:

Friday May 25th

9pm - Tim Gilmour

10pm - Whitney Sol

Saturday 26th

5pm - Tizzy

6pm - Brett Elliott

7pm - Kenji Onizuka

8pm - Rob Nichols

9pm - Michael Yantzi

Linus BBQ:

Saturday May 26th

5pm - Mike McGrath

6pm - Josh (Use The Schwartz) Schwartzentruber

7pm - Jordan Stewart

8pm - Tom n Lance

9pm - H.E.M.

10pm - Christian Whelan

Phillies Balcony:

Saturday May 26th

4pm - Jonathan Hunt

5pm - Murphy's Law

6pm - Tracy Scott

7pm - Lee Piscioneri

8pm - Ponamu

9pm - Donal O'Connor

Bucket Beach:

Saturday May 26th

8pm - Just In Time

9pm - The Coals

10pm - Honey Jam Sam

11pm - HIFI Baby

The Cave:

Saturday May 26th

6pm - Ben Cozy

7pm - Tim Gilmour

8pm - Conor Doyle

9pm - Christian Whelan

10pm - Jonah Saifer

11pm - Seth Mountain

The Workshop:

Friday May 25th

9pm - Christian Whelan

10pm - Jonathan Hunt

Saturday 26th

4:30pm - Donal O'Connor

5pm - Peter Daley

6pm - Badoogie

7pm - Amos Day

8pm - Jade Teather

9pm - Jenifer Waescher

Hidden Cellar:

Friday May 25th

9pm - Conor Doyle

10pm - Jonah Saifer

Saturday 26th

6pm - Matty Grols

7pm - Highway 9

8pm - Tom and Berry

9pm - Richie Madewell

10pm - MaxMandu

Sunday 27th

7pm - Open Mic

Pet Sounds:

Saturday May 26th

8pm - Jonathan Hunt

9pm - Geoffrey Lewis

10pm - Badoogie


Camarata Music:

Friday May 25th

9pm - 꼬리물기

10pm - Hybrid Drop Bomber

11pm - Panaryu

Saturday 26th

7pm - Park's Blues Band

8pm - Kimchi Cowboys

9pm - John Patrick Starling and Drowning River

10pm - B3

11pm - L.A. Galbi

12am - Texas Flood

1am - The 120's

Bedrock: :

Friday May 25th

10pm - BAD HORSiE

         L.R.D. Band and special guests

Saturday 26th

7pm - mOtiVe

8pm - Cicada State

9pm - Pentasonic

10pm - Sweet Murphy's Fancy

11pm - DND

12am - Hertz

1am - Decader

Phillies Basement:

Friday May 25th

9pm - Alpaca Lips

10pm - Jonny'spark

11pm - Novacaine

Saturday 26th

7pm - Cargo Cult

8pm - Favoured Animals

9pm - Aircraft Of The Month

10pm - Lance Reegan-Diehl Band

         feat: Kenji Onizuka

1130pm - Cutty

1230am - Str Kllr

130am - Mont

Boogie Woogie: :

Friday May 25th

7pm - Park Hye Ran Quartet

9pm - Big Choi Acid Jazz

11pm - Allblue Hardbop Quintet

Saturday 26th


9pm - A-FUZZ

11pm - Funkyvista Soulclub

Sunday 27th

7pm - Choi Jin Ju Quartet

9pm - Lee Moon Suk Quartet


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