Fall Festival 2017 - "All that falls shall rise again...."

October 20th and 21st

List is from TOP of HBC Street down


(Subject to changes and updates.)


Camarata Music:

Saturday Oct. 21st

6:00pm - UNKNOWN feat. Reilly Spiwak

7:00pm - Honey Jam Sam

8:00pm - Machine II The Moon

9:00pm - John Patrick Starling and Drowning River

10:00pm - Kimchi Cowboys

11:00pm - Texas Flood

12:00am - Morrison Hotel - A Tribute To The Doors


Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - Buskers Acoustic Showcase

11:30pm - Cicada State

Saturday Oct. 21st

7:00pm - Band Trap

8:00pm - Decader

9:00pm - PshyceMoon

10:00pm - Cargo Cult

11:00pm - Wooden Lucy

12:00am - The 120's

Phillies BSMT.:

Friday Oct. 20th

10:00pm - Travis and Ian

11:00pm - 2 Much

Saturday Oct. 21st

8:00pm - Just In Time

9:00pm - Reasco

10:00pm - Tallula Bankhead

11:00pm - Lance Reegan-Diehl Band

12:00am - Cutty

V Lounge

Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - Jeni Wai Band

10:00pm - Tampas Dusk

Saturday Oct. 21st

7:30pm - Pounamu

8:00pm - Swan Eater

8:30pm - Machines

9:00pm - Gory Murgy

10:00pm - Saure Gurken

11:00pm - Mad Dogs

12:00am - Cicada State

Thunderhorse Tavern:

Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - BAD HORSiE Presents:

L.R.D. Band and guests:

Sebastian W, Suh

Tom Daly

and the classics....

Saturday Oct. 21st

9:00pm - Aircraft of the Month

10:00pm - Soul City

11:00pm - Rough Cuts

12:00pm - Rooftop Stray

Boogie Woogie

Saturday Oct. 21st

7:00pm - Parks Blues Band

8:00pm - Bluetooth Blues Band

9:00pm - Corn Whiskey

10:00pm - Corn Whiskey

11:00pm - 추성웅 Trio

12:00am - 추성웅 Trio


Hair of the dog:

Saturday Oct. 21st

5:00pm - Max Mohr

6:00pm - Johnny Red

7:00pm - Winston Lee

8:00pm - Swany

9:00pm - Rob Nichols

10:00pm - Tim Gilmour

Genie Pub:

Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - John Patrick Starling

10:00pm - Brodie and Daniellle

Saturday Oct. 21st

5:00pm - Whitney Sol

6:00pm - The Cables

7:00pm - Mia Zepeda

8:00pm - Jeni Wai

9:00pm - Maggie Crossett

Phillies Pub - Balcony:

Saturday Oct. 21st

4:00pm - Brett Elliott

5:00pm - Aaron Frost

6:00pm - Tom N Lance

7:00pm - Danny Valiant

8:00pm - EARL

The Cave:

Saturday Oct. 21st

5:00pm - Christian Whelan

6:00pm - Jonathan Hunt

7:00pm - John Patrick Starling

8:00pm - Old Money Green

9:00pm - Geoffery Lewis

10:00pm - Pounamu

The Hidden Cellar:

Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - Benjamin Pernick

10:00pm - Jonah Saifer

Saturday Oct. 21st

6:00pm - HEM

7:00pm - Eleven Seventeen

8:00pm - Heather n Alex

9:00pm - Bitnara Yang

10:00pm - Lee Picioneri

11:00pm - "HiFi Baby!!!!"


7:00pm - Acoustic Sunday's


Friday Oct. 20th

9:00pm - Christian Whelan

Saturday Oct. 21st

6:00pm - Richie Madewell

7:00pm - Matty Grols

8:00pm - Jonah Saifer

9:00pm - Jordan Stewart

10:00pm - Kim Schroeder Duo


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