'All That Falls Shall Rise Again.......'

And I feel that it will indeed rise again.

These days more people have many other

things to care for and be safe.

Signups for the 15 year anniversary

HBC Festival will continue. The actual date,

will be on the ' To Be Announced' side of things.

July 2020 seems possible at the moment.

There will be updates, and the possibility of

HBC fest returning in the Fall of 2020 is

certainly not out of the question.

Following Korean Government advisors,

and obey the law is what ALL events must do.

Please signup for the event. I am certain

many of you look forward to it.

We shall rise again.

This is just a Spring Clean for the May Queen.

Lance Reegan-Diehl


Produced by DEELEEBOB Recording Studio

and Music Services.

Celebrating The Art Of Live Music.

Participating/Supporting Venues in HBC, Seoul:

Phillies Pub - Canada.

Bonny's Pizza 'THE CAVE' - New Zealand, Korea.

Camarata - U.S.A.

Re.pub.lic - Korea

Hair of the Dog - U.S.A. / Korea.

Hidden Cellar - South Africa

The Workshop - South Africa

Casablanca - Morocco.

Morococo - Morocco

Al Matto - Korea.

Linus BBQ - USA/Canada.

Pet Sounds - Korea

Boogie Woogie - Korea

H.B.C. Festival takes place in Hae Bang Chon

Yongsan-Gu Seoul, Korea.

Celebrating, Music, Art, and Life.

Since 2006.

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