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LRD and Groove Magazine

LRD and Steve Newton, Georgia Straight

LRD and Korea Times

LRD and Svenson

LRD and Truth in Shredding

LRD and Toronto Blues Society

LRD and the Stars and Stripes

LRD Music China Schedule 2015

Music China Olympia and LRD 2016

HBC Fall Festival 2016

HBC May Festival 2016

HBC Fall Festival 2015

HBC May Festival 2015 - Korea Guitar interview

A decade in Korea 2015

Swing Guitars and LRD 2014

Steve Newton LRD Story 2013

Top 40 Charts 2014

HBC May Festival 2014

Stars and Stripes HBC May Festival 2014

NAMM show 2014

May Festival 2011

Musik Messe 2013

NAMM show 2013

HBC Fall Festival 2013

Blues Asia Netwrok 2012

RocKorea 2011

NAMM show 2011

Graphtech Blog

Music China 2010

2010 Outdoor show schedule

Japan Blues festivals 2010 (English)

Japan Blues festivals 2010 (Japanese)

Loop 5X controller

Music Korea 2010

Musik Messe Frankfurt 2010

NAMM 2010

Music China 2009 pt1

Music China 2009 pt2

Video Shoot Article for MTV

Jakarta Jazz 2009

Music China final brief 2009

Music China 2009

Music Korea 2009

Japan Tour July 2009

Korea Times March 2009

Musik Messe April 2009

Namm Show 2009

Korea Times January 2009

Musik Messe 2008

History Of Rock Tour 2008

Chasing My Reflection 2007

JamMate in Shanghai 2007

Guitarticle by Lance.

USB Guitar article.

Toronto Blues Society 2007

JamMate JM400 2006

Internal Construction 2005

Korea reviews 2002/2003

By Johnny Red

By K.Bringer

1999 Monk Munch Jazz interview:

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