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Welcome to Loop X Systems and designs.
Creative loop switching applications, for players who want more from their pedal board.

421 Pedal

Instrument switching pedal for onstage.
Loop X Systems

Loop 5Xmc

Remote controlled signal switching and it is a power supply. Access yuour favorite effect pedals by remote control.
Loop X Systems

Loop X Systems lets you control your effect pedals with remote loop switching,
A/B inputs / outputs, and our products are regulated 9Volt power supplies.
Our newest pedals are easy to use and feature 2 applications per pedal.
We feature remote control switchers in 2 and 5 loop format for the
Person who would like to access the amplifier FX via remote control.
All components are recyclable and follow ROHS standards.
Our unique circuit design is pop free and click free,
we use no audio buffers. 100% analog. The tone is your own.

Loop systems are direct bypass. When all loop circuits are off
instrument signal goes direct to the amplifier.
This is total removal of the effect or pedal board from the instrument signal path.
When pedals are each linked by a 15cm (6") cable,and then onto
the amp by a 10m (30') cable, and the instrument cables at 3m (10').
"If" all the pedals have "true bypass", and are off,
then the total cable length hanging on the guitar output will be over 15m (45')
This can cause a huge loss of tone and signal level.
Our switcher system can remove half of this cable length from the signal,
and the need for an extra 9V power supply.
Preserving your tone and your pedal settings.
Using Loop X systems also has a great benefit when you use our product in the
amplifier effect loop. In bypass mode the amp signal it switched to go only
back into it's own FX loop not through all of your effects, and cables. DIRECT bypass.

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