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Loop 5X - Remote controlled Loop switcher,
A/B input/output, and regulated 9volt power supply.

The Loop 5X loop switcher, allows you to remotely control five effect loops, and A/B output.
It is also a regulated 9Volt power supply. With a manual A/B input switch.
An all in one inclusive package.
No need for extra adaptors or power cable runs.
Never have to run power cables to the front of the stage.
It keeps your audio path from ever getting mixed up with power cables.
All components are ROHS standard.
Our circuit design is pop free and click free, we use no audio buffers. The tone is your own.

If you wonder how to get your modulation and delay effects in your amps effect loop
without those long cable runs, then Loop 5X can help with that.
Do you want your effects back at the amp with the ability to
control on stage with a simple footswitch?

We have the answer, Loop 5X systems allows you to set the effects by your amp,
in your amps effect loop and control them remotely.
Loop X Systems use high quality audio relays to facilitate the switching of the
TRUE BYPASS effects loops. The trigger's in the Remote footswitch are latching switches
and as there is no audio in the trigger cable, it can be as long as you like
with absolutely no effect on the audio quality. All Loop X Systems are Hand Built.

Please view our manual for Loop 5X specifications.
Loop 5X Manual PDF file.
Our system package inclues:
- One 5X control pedal footswitch
- One power supply Loop control switch unit
- One 12 Volt 1500ma adaptor 110V or 220V
- One 10m CAT 5 control cable
- Metal 90degree angle and flat flanges for mounting on wood or metal.(2pcs each)
- Price includes shipping.

- 5X control footswitch is 30cm X 12cm X 5cm
- 5X Loop control unit is 30cm X 10cm X 4cm
- Measurements are Length X Width X Height.

Purchase Loop 5X direct $349.00USD shipping included.

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