LANCE REEGAN-DIEHL Loop X Systems Owner:

Welcome to Loop X systems. Hand built road worthy analog
loop switching systems for active musicians.
My name is Lance Reegan-Diehl, I own Loop X Systems.
For the most part I have designed and built these products by
hand, I find time between rocking and rolling to make gear.
When you look at my product ideas, remember that they came from
years of road and stage experience, in order to facilitate
switching and routing systems that were compact and fully
useful. I do use my own products, the latest gadgets even
more. I hope that you find my ideas simple and useful
in your performing and gigging adventures.

Loop X Systems is all about maximum control and diversity with a
minimum of effects. We give you direct access to your
favorite effects, and enable you to preset certain combinations.
When you're on the road and travel a lot, taking what is
necessary is often the case rather than bringing all the extras
that will weigh you down. Our pedals and Loop systems can help
you bring it down to essentials and still have maximum flexibility.

All Loop X Systems loop switchers are hand built and strongly constructed.
They can withstand the rigors of touring. Functionality, is our solution.
Our circuit design is pop free and click free, we use no audio buffers.

Systems offer 9 volt power supply, or 9Volt jumpers built-in to the products.
Our pedals and switchers don't leave yo a powr routing headache.
Feel free to look through our web pages and see what our
systems can do for you. Our products are packaged in plain
cardboard boxes with our company Logo and product specs
placed on the sides. The components are ROHS world standard
and our power adaptors are CUL standard.

Loop X Systems - "Your tone is your own."

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