The Loop 5Xmc loop switcher allows you to remotely control up to 6 effects.
 In the amplifier FX loop or before the amps input stage. 5Xmc is a regulated 9v power supply
 making it an all in one inclusive package. Loop switching control is delivered by a Cat5
 cable LAN cable. There is no audio in the control line. Effects are switched with
 TRUE BYPASS right back at your amp. No need for extra adaptors or, power cable runs.
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  The 421 pedal is a 4 instrument into 1 switcher pedal.
 Switch instruments on the fly on stage when you create loops live, or switch guitars onstage.
 421 is great for a multi-instrumentalist switching between instruments to create loop layers.
 Switching is seamless and quiet. There are no eletronics in the signal. 9V power for LED only.
 Signal is direct switching and hand wired point to point solder.
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