The Effect Rack

          LANCE REEGAN-DIEHL The Effect Rack Owner:

Welcome to The Effect Rack. My name is Lance Reegan-Diehl,

I invented and own The Effect Rack. You see my own gear

used to be on the floor, or taped on or held not securely

to my amplifier. Then my bracket device came into my mind.

I took the time to patent and develope this product for use

with 1U and 2U space gear. It works on top of any amplifier.

I have even had it work with other computing devices,

that are music related. I find time between rocking and

rolling to make gear. When you look at my product ideas,

remember that they came from years of road and stage experience.

I do use my own products, the latest gadgets even

more. I hope that you find my ideas simple and useful

in your performing and gigging adventures.

The Effect Rack™ is a product born out of neccessity.

Simplicity in design. The uses for the device go far beyond

that of a 1U rack holder. Wireless receiver, iPad, Music stand.

It belongs on the top of every amplifier in the world.

Any musician can benefit from using The Effect Rack™.

It's 3 units in one. Pictured below are the various uses we

have found for The Effect Rack™. How would you use it?

U.S. Patent number #8,181,922 International Patents Pending.

Euro Patent app.#2 339 865

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