The Effect Rack™ FAQ page

1) Does The Effect Rack™ work with any amplifier?

- Yes, the device will fit most amp handles on the market.
Only a few amps have handles that are too thick or
odd shape for The Effect Rack™.

2) Will The Effect Rack™ hold other devices, besides rack modules?

- Any wireless receiver from Shure, Nady, Samson, Line 6, Sennheiser,
to name a few. Of course a 1U space device or half rack device.

3) How reliable is the holding action of The Effect Rack™?

- Our unit will hold any device on an amplifier and it will withstand a
45degree tilt angle in all four directions. Front, Back, and side to side.

4) Why 3 models of The Effect Rack™?

- The Effect Rack™ was built to work on a Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber
The handles on Fender, Marshall, Boogie all sit flat when relaxed
The Effect Rack™ 'original' design is best for thses types
of handles. Amps like Line 6, VHT, Bogner, etc. with raised handles
that do not lie flat you need the 'Mini' Effect Rack™.
Or you will need the 'Dual' Effect Rack™ for larger effect devices.

5) Will The Effect Rack™ scratch my gear or damage the amp?

- No drilling or additions to the amplifier are required, and our
tough but soft poly coat leaves no marks, or abrasions.

6) Where can I purchase The Effect Rack™?

- The best way to receive our product quickly and easily is directly
from this website. Shipping is included. We are also available at
Amazon and from Ikebe Music for Japan.

7) I don't use Paypal, or credit card how can I purchase The Effect Rack™?

- Very simple!!!! Email us directly with your purchase request
and mailing address. We will provide you with an invoice and how to send
us a Money Order in the mail.

U.S. Patent number #8,181,922 International Patents Pending.

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