H.B.C. Fall Music Festival October 22nd 2016

Signup to perform at Fall Fest 2016.

The artists at the Hae Bang Chon festival event

are booked and invited to play by DEELEEBOB Music.

The 'LIVE' venues:

Phillies Pub - U.K. , Canada.

Bonny's Pizza Parlor - New Zealand, Korea.

The Cave - New Zealand.

V-Lounge - U.S.A.

Bedrock - Scotland.

Genie Pub - Korea.

Camarata - U.S.A.

Hair of the Dog - U.S.A., Korea.

Hidden Cellar - South Africa.

The Workshop

The Alley Bunker - U.S.A.

Al Matto - Korea.

The Terrace - Korea

Thunderhorse Tavern - Canada.

Casablanca - Morocco.

Marmite - France

Jacoby's Burger - Korea.

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Get The Rest Of Mayfest Story 10yr. 2015...

Thank you all venue owners, Artists, and sponsors.

A special note to the Foreign Affairs Section

Of the Yongsan Police, we thank you very much for

assisting in the event and helping us plan better.

H.B.C. Festival takes place in Yongsan-Gu Seoul, Korea.

Celebrating, Music, Art, and Life.

HBC Fest Seoul, Korea - Giving artists a stage since 2006

'All that falls, shall rise again....'

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