'It's Just A Spring Clean For The May Queen.......'




Hair Of The Dog:

Saturday May 25th

5:00pm - Mike McGrath

6:00pm - LRD an Tom Daly

7:00pm - Mike Yantzi

8:00pm - Lee Piscioneri

9:00pm - Jonathan Hunt

10:00pm - Gwan. U

Linus BBQ:

Saturday May 25th

4:30pm - Peter Daly

5:30pm - John Patrick Starling

6:30pm - Geoffrey Lewis

7:30pm - Christian Whelan

8:30pm - Willie Mac

9:30pm - Colleen Wilde & Mazagat

(The Marquee won't display the 0:30)


Saturday May 25th

5:00pm - Krishna Kokopeli

6:00pm - Rhiannon, Ella, Zach

7:00pm - Jordan Stewart

8:00pm - Whitney Sol

9:00pm - The Mangosteen's

Phillies Upstairs: Hosted by EARL

Saturday May 25th

3:30pm - Tom n Berry

4:30pm - Pounamu

5:30pm - Jonathan Hunt

6:30pm - Colleen Wilde & Mazagat

7:00pm - Kenji Onizuka - From Japan

8:00pm - EARL

The Cave (AKA: Bonny's)

Saturday May 25th

6:00pm - Noah Pascoe

7:00pm - Richie Madewell

8:00pm - Ben 'Cozy' Coz

9:00pm - Conor Doyle

10:00pm - Lee Piscioneri


Saturday May 25th

3:00pm - Peter James Duo

4:00pm - Al Dunbar

5:00pm - Kerey Smith

6:00pm - Christian Whelan

7:00pm - Kalina Miletic

8:00pm - Krishna Kokopeli

9:30pm - Seth Mountain - "Sweaty Banjo Tales"

Hidden Cellar:

Friday May 24th - Happy Music Night

8:00pm - Seth Mountain

9:00pm - Animal Divers

10:00pm - ByeByeFish - From China

Saturday May 25th

7:00pm - Paul Soren Duo

8:00pm - Colleen Wilde & Mazagat

8:30pm - Mad Blue Berry

9:30pm - EARL

10:30pm - Karen Lyu & Rahel Limor!


Camarata Music:

Saturday May 25th

7:00pm - Favored Animals

8:00pm - Seoulmates

9:00pm - Kimchi Cowboys

10:00pm - Rooftop Stray

11:00pm - Popular Entertainers

12:00am - Maga

1:00am - Smoking Goose

Phillies Basement:

Friday May 24th - Philthy HBC Friday

9:00pm - Naga

10:00pm - Texas Flood

11:00pm - 4 Seconds

Saturday May 25th

7:00pm - Gory Murgy

8:00pm - Talkbats

9:00pm - Texas Flood (Encore show!!!)

10:00pm - Yawp

11:00pm - Alpaca Lips

12:00am - Decader

1:00am - Tampas Dusk

Bucket Beach:

Saturday May 25th

8:00pm - Reasco

9:00pm - Foreign Object

10:00pm - Lance Reegan-Diehl Band

11:00pm - Crack Shot

12:00am - Cargo Cult

1:00am - The Coals

Pet Sounds: Rock DJ / Indie Band

Saturday May 25th

8:00pm - Gumiho

10:00pm - Grand Soul Central

11:00pm - Rock DJ

Boogie Woogie: Jazz Venue

Saturday May 25th

7:00pm - 허소영 밴드 (Standard Jazz/Singer)

9:00pm - H.F.G (Funk, Jazz)

11:00pm - Richiman Trio

Sunday May 26th

7:00pm - 오가람 Jazz Project

9:00pm - 엄기응 밴드

Produced by DEELEEBOB Recording Studio

and Music Services.


June 1st 2019 HBC SOUTH Fall Fest- Pyeongtaek

Oct 2019 - HBC Fall Music Festival, Seoul

Participating/Supporting Venues in HBC, Seoul:

Phillies Pub - Canada.

Bonny's Pizza 'THE CAVE' - New Zealand, Korea.

Bucket Beach - Canada / New Zealand / England

Camarata - U.S.A.

Re.pub.lic - Korea

Hair of the Dog - U.S.A. / Korea.

Hidden Cellar - South Africa

The Workshop - South Africa

Casablanca - Morocco.

Morococo - Morocco

Al Matto - Korea.

Linus BBQ - USA/Canada.

Pet Sounds - Korea

Boogie Woogie - Korea

H.B.C. Festival takes place in Hae Bang Chon

Yongsan-Gu Seoul, Korea.

Celebrating, Music, Art, and Life.

Since 2006.

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